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Here are some photos from various phases of our lives. 

Recent Photos
     Spring/Summer 2010
     Oregon - July 2007

    Summer of 07
    Fall of 07
    2008 in Pictures
    Utah and Zion National Park - March 2008
    San Juan Islands and Vancouver
    Europe - September of 2008
    Australia Revisited January/February 2010

Possum Trot Photos
     History of Possum Trot in Photos
      Thanksgiving at Possum Trot 2006
      Possum Trot Construction Projects

Dam Rework

     New Bunkhouse Project   We have nearly completed it!  Whew, what a project! 
Frost Flowers!  Winter of 2009/2010  Have a look at these ice formations.  They are wondrous!

Joe's Knots - OK, I'm weird.  I'll admit it. 

Joe's Woodworking Projects
     Ornamental Turning Projects
     More Projects
     Woodworking 2012
     Woodworking 2013

Dance Photos

Photos from Down Under

Eleanor's Wedding

Magnolia Lane

Joseph's Stuff
     Joe and Joseph have recorded some stuff.  It's here...

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