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As a bit of a  sidebar, I am a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers and an instructor in the Marlinspike Skills Course taught by the Crossroads of America Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  I enjoy the creativity of tying knots and it's fun to give them away. Then there's always the showoff aspect of it when I'm around other knot tyers.  Here are a few of my efforts.  I should admit up front that I don't have too many original ideas.  A lot of these are just my versions of knots or combinations of knots or projects I've seen in other peoples' work. 


I made this bag while living in Hobart and used sail cloth from one of the many ship's chandlery shops within walking distance of our apartment.  The shells are from Fiji!  I submitted both of these bags to the International Guild of Knot Tyers in 2011 and won best ditty bag.  It's kind of a big deal for me, I don't know about the rest of the world, but bags were submitted from all over the world.  Until the next award, I've got top billing!  This is my working bag.  I load it up with all sorts of tools and carry it with me on vacation.  Of course I have to watch it a little bit when I travel on airplanes.  They took my needle nose pliers on one flight.  
A bell rope - the wound part is a single strand Mathew Walker knot.  Another bell rope I made for the Marlinspike II class. 

A few fids with Turk's head grips...

...and a few odds and ends, lump knots, pineapple knots, a small bell rope, etc. 
A knife lanyard... ...and some globe knots using Don B's jig and instruction book.  I tied these on vacation this fall, waiting in airports and on planes.  They make great giveaways, too! 
A few more globe knots.  I had some scraps so, I tied the top left one in cammo colors for a hunter friend... ...then I decided to do some Christmas ornaments to give to people this year. 
I sometimes travel armed with Don B's 2nd Turk's head cookbook and my ditty bag  and anything I can think of gets a Turk's head wrap.  It's a little silly, but a lot of fun!  No one will ever confuse his or her stuff with mine anyway! Some knots I tied on Spring break this year.  The cube knots are a little tougher than the globes as there is no curvature to help get the needle through!  April 2009
Here's the small ditty bag we made for our Marlinspike course this spring (2009).  It's the size of a large soup can.  Some pineapple knots tied on our trip to DC - April 2010
Lest you think these knots are all frivolous, take a gander at a couple of the most recent additions.  A few of my knot buddies and I recently tied a few pieces of jewelry from silver wire.  More to follow!
Some alternate ivory fids I carved before the Marlinspike course this year.  My first lanyard, seventeen strand sennit, pineapple knots, star knots, lanyard knots, multi-strand Matthew Walker, Turk's heads, Spanish ring knot, rose lashing, two over crowning. 
A fid turned from fiddle back Tasmanian Eucalypt.  The blue is a Spanish ring knot.  A couple of rings I covered inspired by Barry Brown's photos from a recent Knotting Matters.  I tied these while traveling on a long flight.  Had the stewardesses stopping by frequently to see what all the mess of string was about! 
I finally finished my seaming rubber.  It's cherry with 5 x 3 Turk's heads and a wormed rope handle.  Here's a picture frame I finished in early 2012.  It's knotted with 1.8 mm cord and will fit an 8 x 10 photo.  It's one of the things a sailor would have done for his sweetheart perhaps. 
I enjoyed the first frame so much, I did another one!  

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