A number of years ago, I got tired of Mary Louise asking me to get on the dance floor with her since I didn't know a single step.  I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of so many people.  Then I saw an ad in the paper from Arthur Murray Dance Studios for an introductory package of ten lessons for $10.  I thought that ought to about do it.  We'd take ten lessons and then I would feel comfortable dancing in front of people.  Well, eighteen years and thousands of dance lessons and dollars later we are still embarrassing ourselves in front of large groups of people.  OK, that's harsh.  We are now competing at the national level and sometimes do reasonably well, only occasionally embarrassing ourselves.  We won the National Championship in American Smooth in 2004 in our age group.  Then when we moved to Tasmania, we started dancing International Standard style as they don't do American style anywhere but here in the States.  Standard is much more exacting and the competition is fierce, so we are struggling a bit more with it.  We placed 3rd at Nationals in 2007 and not so well in 2008, but we are making serious progress and placed 4th in 2009.  Here are some photos of "Fred and Ginger" as my mother calls us. 

An action shot of a "woodpecker" in Quickstep.  Like the "Gob" smile?  It's much worse in other photos.  I have to work on that.  Tango is such a serious business!  I always thought it was funny to watch peoples' faces as they dance.  Now I think it's funny to see mine!  
A left whisk in Foxtrot.... ...and into a hover corte...

It's a throw away oversway in the waltz in Knoxville at the Regional competition there in late January of '09...

...and a bit more tango - so much concentration!
Knoxville May 2010 Knoxville 2010
Another hover corte in the waltz- I love this step... ...and promenade position in Tango - look Wally!  No gap!
2011 Nationals June 2012 - our first competition in over a year.  Mary Louise has a new knee now and we are doing quite well. This is a roly poly, I think. We won this event!  
Look at my lady pose!  It's a hover corte in Chicago at the Crystal Ball.  Joe has a new, stretchy tail suit, too!  We won our event at the Chicago Windy City, but felt like we should have danced much better.  It's so frustrating sometimes...
The Windy City is a really nice comp in the Hyatt in downtown Chicago.  We've enjoyed it and hope to go back next year.  This was over Labor Day 2012.  We enjoyed David Hamilton's Nashville Starz Comp this year. 
Left Whisk at Nashville Starz Hover Corte at the St. Louis Star Ball in March 2013
Triples and Doubles in Quickstep, March 2013 St. Louis Star Ball  

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