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Joseph graduated from Duke University with Highest Distinction in May of 2005.  Now he is working in Durham, North Carolina mostly doing what he loves, music.  He is arranging songs for a capella groups there; he does some editing for a couple of Duke a capella groups when they record CD's; he arranges and composes for the Hal Leonard Music Company in a capella and he sings in a professional a capella group based in Raleigh called Transit -  The first song is Hide and Seek.  You can download this song on their website.  Donations happily accepted. 

He recently won several awards from two different governing bodies for a capella in this country, including two awards for best arrangement and one for best original composition.  The awards are described on a couple of web pages.  Those pages have some links to at least one of his songs. 

His website describes a few of the honors and what he is up to on a more updated basis.  Check him out at
his website

Many of Joseph's arrangements can be checked out at the official Pitchforks Website.  His original compositions are available below.  These were all recorded and edited by Joseph except for most of the solo lines:

Headlines - Dedicated to Maggie Schneider

Movement I - Faulkner Receives Nobel Prize
Movement II - Bush Declares Long Period
                                     of Peace, Prosperity Over
Movement III - A Fire of Determination
Movement IV - Couple Celebrates 75 years of marriage
Movement V - Student Dies from Injuries

Joseph and his Dad recorded four songs last year.  They are available here (we only have the underlined ones finished, sorry!):

Scarborough Fair
I got a Name
Perhaps Love




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